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Looking for a Halloween costume? Try making it yourself

Still looking for a last-minute costume? Many stores have sold out, so you may need to get creative with a do-it-yourself look.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — We have less than a week to get Halloween plans in order and if you still don't know what you're dressing up as, now is the time to decide. 

If you're looking for a last-minute costume you may need to get creative. And yep, the pandemic is the key reason why. 

Let's connect the dots

Just like grocery stores, Halloween shops are experiencing major shipping delays. If you've been to Target or Walmart lately, you've probably noticed a smaller Halloween section this year. There simply aren't enough truck drivers to move their merchandise across the country. 

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On top of that, excitement for Halloween this year is through the roof. The Halloween and Costume Association says 80% of parents plan to take their kids trick-or-treating this year after they missed out in 2020. 

Trick-or-treating is safe, by the way. Health experts recommend going in smaller groups and avoiding large crowds, but since most trick-or-treating is outdoors, you should be able to enjoy a spooky night with the kids. 


Everyone from tiny mom-and-pop stores to massive retailers like Amazon are selling out of costumes. And if your dream costume is something popular, like say, "Squid Game," it might be hard to track down. 

Companies had less time to manufacture costumes for movies and shows that just debuted. Throw in the supply chain issues and they're still in transit. 


Instead of making a mad dash to every store in town, experts recommend doing it yourself. Goodwill says people are already scouring racks for costumes, and more families are taking it old school this year: Making their costumes from scratch with whatever's at home.