FORT MILL, S.C. -- A brazen thief was caught on camera repeatedly stealing thousands of dollars from the popular cupcake shop where she worked.

Melanie Kikta, the woman known as 'Dancing Melanie' was a trusted employee at Cupcrazed, a popular cupcake shop.

“Every Monday, we would post a video of her dancing." Now though, owner Heather McDonnell says, “it [is] nauseating.”

Kikta's on video with some new moves.

“She would wait for us to be out of sight, and then just go to the register and just take it"

Watch the video and you can see her taking cash, stuffing it in her purse, all with a co-worker standing feet away.

The owner of Cupcrazed says she has more than 50 videos showing her former employee stealing. And yet, Kikta hasn't been arrested.

“We have a lot of warrants we have to serve daily,” said York County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Trent Faris.

The York County Sheriff's Office has a warrant for her arrest,. She's charged with embezzling more than $8,500, but they say they haven't been able to find her.

“We feel really defeated.” McDonnell says. The owner even lured Kikta to the shop with the promise of her last paycheck, but the deputies showed up late and missed her.

Faris told NBC Charlotte part of the challenge is, while the store is in York county, she lives out of their jurisdiction and they're relying on another county to make the arrest.

"It would make it a lot easier if they would just walk in the front door. I'm sure it would make it easier. But how likely is that? Probably not likely. Most folks don't want to go to jail," said Faris.

The York County Sheriff's Department says their warrants department is so understaffed that half the positions need to be filled.