CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Deer stands in south Charlotte? Families are on high alert after reports of deer stands in a south Charlotte greenway near Carmel Road.

Neighbors say hunters are using bow and arrows. One man said he heard gunshots.

"Last year we watched a deer run through our neighborhood that actually had an arrow through his face," said Lisa Davis.

That's the disturbing image Lisa Davis witnessed in her south Charlotte neighborhood.

"It's crazy that it's actually going on in our neighborhood, happening in our own backyard," said Davis.

Her house backs up to a greenway. Lisa's two boys play back there often.

So do Kyle and his friends. He didn't care to show his face on camera, but he did show NBC Charlotte where he saw a deer stand.

It was within striking distance of several homes. Kyle and his friends also discovered a deer hunter's arrowhead.

NBC Charlotte showed a picture of it to Lisa.

"It's horrifying," said Davis. "It's just traumatic that you see it in the backyard."

Deer are no stranger to Mecklenburg County. North Carolina wildlife estimates there are up to 24,000 deer in the county alone. According to the county website, it's against the law to hunt deer within city limits.

"Clearly there's an over-population of deer, but that doesn't mean people need to go and have target practice," said Davis.