CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Shots were fired in a quiet Dilworth neighborhood over the weekend, and it was all caught on camera.

The homeowner shared video with NBC Charlotte that shows someone in a car pull up and then start shooting. It happened early Saturday morning on Dilworth Road.  

The victim says the bullets hit his car and home. He and his wife were inside at the time, but fortunately they were not hurt.

Police say the incident happened at around 5 a.m. Saturday. The car’s blown out windshield left shards of glass on the ground. The victim says he doesn’t know why anyone would do that to them.

“It almost sounded like an explosion because it was such a rapid gunfire,” the homeowner, Wendel Naumann, told NBC Charlotte.

Naumann walked NBC Charlotte up his driveway where his car was at the time, and he pointed out where the bullets struck his home. He says serious crimes like that are unusual in the neighborhood.

“Never happened in this neighborhood before,” Naumann said.

At this point, police have not released a motive in the case, which is leaving Naumann with unanswered questions.

"Why would somebody do this? Why would they intentionally target this? I have no idea why anybody would do that,” Naumann said.

He’s sharing the video of the incident hoping someone will come forward with answers.

“I would like to get this gun off the street, first of all, and hold the person accountable for this,” Naumann said.

He also showed NBC Charlotte snapshots of the vehicle, which he says had an identifiable dent in the left rear door.

“I've got video all over the place, so that's going to be our best weapon is vigilance and security video,” said Naumann.

As the investigation continues, he has a message for whoever did it.

“We’re looking for you,” said Naumann.

Police say no one has been charged at this point. It’s an ongoing investigation.

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