LANCASTER, S.C. -- A dog got on a school bus Wednesday morning and bit the bus driver, according to Lancaster County school officials.

The incident happened at a bus stop along J.B. Denton Road.

As the school bus approached the stop, a student outside was running from a dog that came from the home next door to her house, according to Lancaster County school officials. The girl threw her book bag at the dog and the dog retreated.

The student got on the bus and the bus driver shut the door. The owner and the unrestrained dog approached the bus, school officials said. The dog was able to get on the bus through a small opening. The bus driver attempted to keep the dog away from the students on the bus and was bit in the elbow area. The driver was sent for medical care by the school district health provider.

"Our bus driver, who is in her first year, did an excellent job in protecting our students. We appreciate her quick response," said Bryan Vaughn, director of safety and transportation for the Lancaster County School District. "This event places emphasis on the many hidden dangers that drivers encounter every day and the importance of their jobs."

The Lancaster County Animal Control has been notified of the incident and they are investigating.

The exact breed of the dog is unknown at this time, but is described as "pit bull type".

It is not known at this time how many students were on the bus or what school the bus was headed to.