CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A 14-pound puppy was allegedly attacked by a pit bull and now the owner is calling to ban pit bulls from dog parks in Charlotte.

The latest alleged incident isn’t the first pit bull dog attack at Frazier Park — two are currently being investigated.

“She was just 14 pounds, a puppy; she didn’t know to be afraid,” said Rita Horton.

Sophie didn't stand a chance alone. It was the heroic act of a stranger who jumped in and separated the dogs.

“She would’ve ripped her throat out – I felt helpless,” Horton said.

Now with extensive surgery including a rewired jaw, and a dog owner who was forced to get rabies shots as a precaution, the owner has this message

“Pit bulls do not belong in dog parks ... no matter how you raise them they have that killer instinct.”

Katie Lavans, who was with her own beloved pitbull at the park Friday, said, “It’s terrible for us as pit owners. Any time an attack happens I feel defensive. I see how people look at him, he looks intimidating but he is not. It breaks my heart when that happens — that becomes representative of the entire breed and that isn't fair.”

She adds though, a dog attack of any kind is alarming and something to be cautious about at dog parks.

The pit bull that attacked Sophie is described as a female, solid gray with a pink harness. In the other alleged attack at the park, that dog is described as a medium sized, brown pit bull.

Call (704) 336-4422 to speak with an Animal Care & Control Supervisor if you have any helpful information.