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Amazing! Dog rescued from Lake Houston now has forever home

Freddy was found swimming alone in the middle of Lake Houston and was rescued by a family that lived nearby.

HOUSTON — Not every day or even once in a while do you see a dog swimming alone in a huge lake. But that's what Rebecca Champ and her neighbors said they encountered last week.

Champ and her neighbors live near Lake Houston, and Champ said her neighbors were the first people who spotted the pup swimming for dear life in the middle of the lake.

The neighbors tried to get to the dog but were unsuccessful, so that's when Champ said she and her husband got on their boat. 

Video shows not only were Champ and her husband able to calm the very distraught pup down, but they were able to safely get him inside their boat and back on dry ground.

“My husband is literally walking out the door. He goes outside with binoculars and sure enough he’s in the middle of the lake, you can see it bobbing up and down,” she said. "You can tell by the time we had gotten there, it was about to give up. It started to bob further down, and it was just unbelievable."

Credit: KHOU
Freddy now has a forever home with the Hall family.

They knew they had to jump into action and rush in their boat to the dog in distress.

“Someone, I think, threw the dog out of its boat, and I think the dog just didn’t know what to do," Quenton Champ said.

Luckily, they got to him just in time.

Credit: Rebecca Champ

However, the Champ family knew they couldn’t keep the dog they named Freddy.

"We knew that our place was to rescue it, and to foster it until we found a forever home," Quenton Champ said.

Their friend, John Hall, said he saw the Champs' post about Freddy on social media.

“Once I saw the dog I fell in love it,” Hall said. “I showed my wife and the kids the video of Quenton rescuing the dog and playing with the dog in the house, and we knew immediately we wanted that dog.”

“He’s a very pretty dog, and when I saw him, I just fell in love with him," said Demetria Hall, John Hall's wife. "He came right up to me and started playing with my daughter. I love him.”

Freddy is now part of their family.


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