CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The two pit bulls that mauled a 9-year-old boy are being housed at CMPD’s Animal Care and Control as the investigation continues into the vicious attack.

“There’s a big a** dog, it just bit a kid up,” said a 911 caller asking for help for Jonathan Roblero.

The boy has bite marks from head to toe. His mother tells NBC Charlotte her son needed a blood transfusion on Tuesday and is expected to undergo is second surgery on Wednesday. She also says he is in excruciating pain.

“I think it’s so sad,” said neighbor Alliyah Conyers. “It’s terrifying for them to witness something like that because they are little ones, this is gruesome,” she said.

Bobbie Katherine Long knows Roblero and his friends.

“These are boys that I see outside constantly, they are good children,” she explained.

Now Roblero and his friends are afraid to play outside.

“If they are afraid to do that, it really saddens me."

Long blames the owner.

“I think it is so sad that we have owners that are not properly watching their pets,” she said.

Animal Care and Control will not identify the name of the owner of the two dogs, but did tell NBC Charlotte neither were up to date with their rabies shots. Both dogs will remain in quarantine at their facility for 10 days.

Animal Care and Control would not offer any additional details about this investigation, however, one of their trainers, Karen Owens, shared tips to minimize risk of an attack by paying attention to a dog’s body language.

“Their head, body and tail are all straight line like an arrow,” said Owens, indicating that is not a good sign.

“Don’t make direct eye contact,” Owens warned. “If the dog is making eye contact with you, then turn away. Certainly carrying something that you could put between yourself and a dog could be helpful.”

That is advice 9-year-old Donte Young, a friend of Roberlo's who witnessed that attack, is already putting in practice. If he does go outdoors, he carries a stick.

This is the second vicious pit bull attack in two weeks. Last month one killed an 85-year-old woman.

Owens says the temperament of a dog can vary based on life experiences and genetics. However, Conyers, a mother of a small child, says a ban would give her peace of mind.

“Pit bulls are vicious animals and if they are hurting people, then put something toward stopping it,” she said.

Roberlo’s mother says she wants the owner of the pit bulls that attacked her son punished.