CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- As the NFL season kicks off tonight here on NBC Charlotte, a national conference on violence prevention is taking place right here in the Queen City. The focus is on domestic violence and sexual assault prevention.

"The sound of flesh boom, boom boom," said Troy Vincent. "But there was no real noise, you just heard the (sound)."

On the first day of the NFL season, one of the league's highest executives shares a story of domestic violence in his own family.

"Hey my Mom's in the toilet," Vincent said. "She's in the bathtub. She's at the front door."

Troy Vincent is the Executive Vice President of Football Operations. Speaking today at the conference: Sports Culture- Advancing it's Role in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention, he explained the mindset all men should have.

"This will not be me," Vincent said. "This will not be me that harms another woman or uses a woman in an inappropriate manner."

Sponsored by the Carolina Panthers along with a few others, the conference was hosted by the organization "A Call to Men". But Vincent and the other speakers say both men and women, of all ages, can be a part of the solution.

"What kind of difference can you make in the very seat where you are?" Vincent asked.

The conference will wrap up at the Sheraton Airport Hotel tomorrow afternoon.