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Can you bring your cell phone in the voting booth? Your last-minute election questions verified

The 2022 North Carolina primary election is May 17.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Thousands of North Carolina voters have already cast their ballots for the 2022 primary election.

But for those waiting to vote on May 17, WCNC Charlotte's Verify team is answering the top questions before polls close at 7:30 p.m.

So what can you bring, and what can you do when you enter your voting precinct?



Can you change your vote after you've submitted your ballot?


Dickerson said first time is the charm. 

"Once you cast your ballot, that's it," Dickerson said. "You cannot vote again. That would be trying to vote twice in one election and that's illegal."


Can you take a selfie in the voting booth with your ballot?


According to North Carolina law, voters cannot take pictures of ballots, either theirs or someone else's.

"Voters are allowed to have phones or electronic devices with them while voting as long as those devices are not used to photograph or videotape a ballot or communicate with anyone via voice, text, email or any other method," according to a release from the NSBE.

In some polling locations, there have been separate areas where voters can pose and take a selfie after casting their ballot.


Can you bring your cell phone or other materials with you into the voting booth?


Dickerson said a lot of voters will bring in their sample ballots with them as they vote in-person on the day of the election. They use it as a guide.

"That's fine, that's perfectly fine," Dickerson said. "And we even have folks that will use their cell phones as their sample ballot so they can do their research."

Voters can bring in campaign or endorsement materials with them into their booth, Dickerson said, as long as they are not sharing or promoting that material with other voters.

What is not acceptable, according to Dickerson and North Carolina law, is using a cell phone to make a phone call while in the voting booth.

VERIFY is dedicated to helping the public distinguish between true and false information. The VERIFY team, with help from questions submitted by the audience, tracks the spread of stories or claims that need clarification or correction. Have something you want VERIFIED? Text lus at 704-329-3600 or visit /verify.

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