GASTON COUNTY, N.C. -- A former police officer serving time for impregnating a 14-year-old has violated his sentence by attempting to contact the underage victim from behind bars.

In March, James Blair was sentenced to a minimum of 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to statutory rape of a child.

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“I literally go through turmoil every day every day,” the victim’s mother Karen told NBC Charlotte. “I would have never thought this, never. He was just supposed to be a local cop helping kids.”

Karen said Blair had offered to mentor her daughter, and that he first took an interest in her when she was only eight years old.

When she discovered the relationship had turned romantic and sexual, she called the police.

She said she was relieved when Blair was sent to prison, with strict instruction from the judge never to contact the girl or their child ever again.

But in December, Karen learned Blair was caught trying to send letters to her now 15-year-old daughter from prison.

“I just wish from the bottom of my heart if he would just leave her alone let her have some type of life,” she said. “I want for her to get better, and she can't get better until he stops his manipulation.”

Blair was cited with one Class-B infraction, the second worst demerit an inmate can get.

District attorney Locke Belle said it’s up to the facility to determine the punishment.

“They said he could work that time back off and that really upset me,” Karen said. “Then they said that he could get more years added.”

Karen said she’s pushing for the maximum sentence, which would keep Blair in prison for 19 years.

“The judge said no contact with her or the baby or the family and he's broken all of that,” Karen said. “So why should he not get the 19 years?”

The reason she’s going public now, she says, is to hold Blair accountable and to serve as a cautionary tale for parents everywhere.

“You have that parents feeling, you know, when something is not right, check it out,” she said. “Keep your children close at hand because there are people lurking out there. You can’t trust anyone with your kids.”

Karen is now caring for the baby, her grandson, while her daughter is in the hospital working to recover both mentally and physically.