CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- At least a week's worth of trash bags, pizza boxes and everything in-between are all piling up and beginning to cause a real stink for the people who live in one southeast Charlotte neighborhood.

Wednesday afternoon, a resident of the 1700 Place Apartments off Monroe Road sent NBC Charlotte photos, as they were frustrated by the filth.

“It smells horrible," said Nasiyah Collier. "I feel like we pay a lot of money to live over here for the trash to be like that."

She said the trash is attracting raccoons, bees and flies.

The apartment complex said their compactor is broken and management is working to resolve the issue. In an email to residents, management said in the meantime, a separate dumpster will be brought in to help clear all the excess trash.

“I hope they get it up soon," another resident said. "Like immediately."