CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is the latest big name associated with the national “me too” movement.

On Sunday, Sports Illustrated released a report highlighting allegations of workplace misconduct against Richardson.

Around the organization he is simply known as “Mister,” and over the last four days, “Mr. Richardson” has had serious allegations brought up against him.

Sports Illustrated’s report released details of inappropriate comments and behavior that included “admiring backsides” during the team’s “Jean Day Fridays,” asking female employees for foot rubs, buckling their seatbelts for female passengers in his car and brushing his hand over their chest in the process.

The report quoted unnamed former female panther employees, as the anonymous women accused Richardson of asking if he could shave the women's legs for them.

The report also detailed allegations of inappropriate comments regarding race. An investigation has unearthed a racial slur directed at an African American employee. According to Sports Illustrated, the former employees say Richardson created a hostile work environment with his comments and behavior.

The article also said the Panthers organization paid out settlements to keep people quiet.

In the early 1990s, Jerry Richardson had parlayed success in the fast food business into becoming CEO of a company called Flagstar. That company was later the subject of several federal lawsuits having to do with racial bias and reportedly paid out 10s of millions of dollars to settle discriminatory lawsuits.

He is most notably known and adored for bringing an NFL team to the Carolinas, a team that has made two Super Bowl appearances.

There are multiple investigations into this matter including one by the NFL itself.