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'We offer a path to Freedom' | Sometimes all a person needs is a path to guide them towards a better life

The Freedom House is a twelve-month residential program where women overcome their addictions and reunite with their children.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Editor's Note: The main video features an in-depth look at the opioid crisis.

“I think a lot of people think those struggling with addiction are down and out. They think they have never held a job; they have never been to school, they have never been educated and that is true for some individuals, but a lot of our ladies have their bachelor’s degree and master’s degrees,” said Freedom House Operations Manager Anna Edwards.

Edwards is a graduate of the Freedom House, she has been sober for almost seven years. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and she is a full-time employee at the Freedom House.

The Freedom House was founded in 2006 and it is a 5,000 square foot residential home where women overcome their addictions and reunite with their families. Currently, there are three homes that exist in Summerfield each housing up to six individuals. Women who are impacted by substance abuse come into the program with children to keep their families intact.

The program is a nine to twelve-month process broken down into four levels. Each level consists of four categories: spiritual, emotional, social, and physical. Under all four categories are four goals, totaling 16 goals and that is how the success of the program is tracked.

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The house is set up to resemble a real-life day in the life of a full-time worker and mother. Throughout the course of the day, the women are challenged to balance chores, meal planning, financial classes, recovery classes, employment training, and quality time with their children.

“Once someone completes the first level of the program there is a 90% chance, they will graduate," Edwards said.  "Ladies that leave the program have done successful things like gone back to school, started their own businesses, and been promoted within six months at their jobs." 

Edwards said many of the women who enter the program come in with the mindset of wanting to be reunited with their children. She believes that motivation with their program is why they have such high success rates. 

“We address the root of the problem and all women want to be a good mother and to reunite with their children. So, by basing this program on faith and Christian principles we are teaching them the truth. They have seen it work for other women, so I think that encourages them, and by example, it gives them hope that it will work for them as well,” Edwards said. 

They believe women who come to their home have had a good basis for navigating life they just got off track.

“A lot of women’s motivation is still deep within them it just has to be pulled back out and once they’re motivated to stay clean for themselves and then for their children it helps motivate them to want to succeed in the workforce, in their academics, and in their recovery,” said Edwards. 

Currently, the Freedom House has 110 acres in Summerfield with a short-term goal to build one house a year and a long-term goal to have eight homes and a community center.