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'I'm going to lose the house,' Frustrated Greensboro landlord laments unpaid rent, eviction moratorium

With the federal moratorium on evictions extended, to June 30, sheriff's deputies can't enforce evictions yet.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The federal eviction moratorium which ends at the end of June was put in place to help keep renters from being evicted from their homes during the pandemic. But some landlords have said they have also lost their livelihood in the process, and in many cases are unable to get a timely reprieve.

"You can't sell your house, you can't rent it, you can't do anything with it and nobody will come to your aid. I haven't had any luck with anybody so far," said one Greensboro landlord.

This landlord who didn't want to be identified for fear of reprisal said his tenant owes seven months of rent. According to him, the tenant has refused to pay any money towards paying the debt down.

They had both hoped the Hope Program would cover it but was denied due to lack of program funds, the landlord said. He added that weeks later, after several inquiries, an agent from the program called to say a check was in the mail. 

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"They would say a check is in the mail. Well, it's been four months and no money and there's no money whatsoever from anybody," he said.

When he saw that he would not make progress, the landlord said he decided to turn to the court. A Guilford County judge issued a writ of possession and gave the sheriff's office authority to remove the tenant. However, with the federal moratorium on evictions extended, the sheriff's deputies can't act on it yet.

"It's going to end I think June 30, but if it's extended I'm just going to lose the house and I shouldn't have to," the man said as he fought back his emotion.

"Here I am, trying to provide a home to somebody who needs it and they have used the system not to pay anything and to stay there indefinitely. It's very frustrating and very unjust. It's not justice," he said.

"I have tried my best to make it work and nothing is happening. I'm at a standstill with the same kind of bills I've had for the past seven months," he continued.

The landlord said there were many other property owners like himself, who are stuck with bills and debt because some tenants are not paying anything towards rent.

"If this continues there won't be any rental properties," the landlord warned.

Now he wants to sell the property because the problem he said is not about the rent anymore. But for him to move forward, he would need the tenant to leave his property. 

"I would prefer to sell this house and get out of this business because it's just not worth it anymore, not anymore. Just get out of my house, let me repair it and do what's necessary and get out completely," the landlord said.

Under the moratorium, renters are still responsible for their rent payments, however, they cannot be evicted because of nonpayment through June 30.

The landlord said he's owed about $4,000 and he had reached out to the city and county but hasn't heard back.

WFMY News 2 reached out to an official with the HOPE program to look into the matter.

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