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Gastonia police say no charges filed following alleged road rage incident

Gastonia Police said a magistrate declined to file charges in the case because both drivers presented different versions of what happened.

GASTONIA, N.C. — A Gastonia man claimed he was the victim of a road rage incident, where he said a driver yelled a racial slur at him, pepper-sprayed him and broke his windshield.

Twavion Graham said this happened last Thursday evening along Franklin Blvd.

However, the other driver in the incident disputed Graham's version of events.

Gastonia Police told WCNC Charlotte it presented the case to a magistrate, who ultimately decided not to file any charges in the case.

Graham was the only driver who agreed to be interviewed.

According to Graham, he was driving along East Franklin Boulevard, past Cox Road.

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He said the pick-up driver in front of him was driving slow so he went around him, but he said the pick-up driver began to speed up.

"I'm looking over, and he's flipping me off, calling me the n-word," Graham said.

He claimed the driver followed him five miles down Franklin Boulevard to the west side of Gastonia.

"He's like rolled down all his windows, pepper-spraying my car, trying to hit my car, trying to run me off the road," Graham said.

Graham said at one point, he stopped and got out of his car.

"I'm like, 'What did I do?'" Graham asked. "At that point, he hits me with his car so I had to jump back in with my car, and he hits the door."

Graham said he began following the driver to get a photo of his license plate.

He claimed the pick-up driver stopped, got out of his car, began to pepper-spray Graham and then grabbed bolt cutters from his truck.

"[He] starts charging at my car, like swinging trying to hit the windshield," Graham said. "I have to swerve away from him, and he hits the side of my car."

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He said this entire incident played out while he was on the phone with his mother.

"She's screaming. She's yelling, cussing. She's pissed off," Graham said. "It seemed like something out of a movie. Like, you wouldn't think somebody would really be doing this."

The driver of the pick-up truck refused to talk to a WCNC Charlotte reporter, saying his lawyer, who he wouldn't identify, advised him not to comment.

He indicated he was the victim, and he claimed an arrest warrant was filed against Graham.

However, Gastonia Police said no one was charged in the incident.

The department said officers presented both drivers' stories to a magistrate who ultimately decided not to charge anyone.

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