GASTONIA, N.C. -- A man is hospitalized after leading Gastonia police officers on a chase Wednesday night.

One of the officers who helped take down the suspect is also getting checked out by health officials.

The chase began at a Walmart, according to Gastonia Police. The suspect allegedly stole items from the store and then fled the scene, eluding law enforcement.

"Started out as a chase and the subject got hit by a car," said a Gaston Police dispatcher via a police scanner.

"Subject ran, was chased... has been Tased, then hit by a vehicle," the dispatcher said.

Dozens of emergency units raced to the scene. Camille McSwain witnessed the chaos unfold right before her eyes.

"The guy was on a bike and soon as this white truck pulled into the parking lot, he hit the guy on the bike," McSwain said.

NBC Charlotte's cameras were rolling as the man was being cuffed by police. McSwain said she had her grandchildren in the car, as she feared things might escalate.

"They were both shaken up," she said. "They said they both hope they don't hear no gunfire."

The man suspected of leading officers on a chase is expected to be transferred to Gaston County jail once he is cleared from the hospital.