Get ready bacon lovers. For you, it's about to be Christmas again.

With National Bacon Day coming up on Saturday, it raises the age-old question, "Is bacon America's favorite food of all time?"

A survey conducted by researchers at National Today asked 1,000 Americans about their opinions on the tasty breakfast food item.


According to the survey, 21 percent of Americans said they would eat bacon every day for the rest of their life, while 16 percent said they couldn't live without it. 18 percent of Americans said that bacon is their favorite food, and believe it or not, only 4 percent of Americans don't like bacon.

But what about bacon that's not "authentic"? Turns out, 21 percent of Americans refuse to eat non-meat bacon at all. 19 percent believe turkey bacon isn't real bacon, and 17 percent say the same about Canadian bacon.

When it comes to thickness, two thirds of Americans prefer thin-cut bacon. According to the survey, 67 percent like thin-cuts, while only 33 percent like thick-cut bacon.


But what about the crunch? More than half of Americans like their bacon crispy. Survey results show that 52 percent prefer their bacon "very crispy," while only 31 percent don't like it very crispy, 8 percent like it slightly cooked, and 3 percent like it charred.

Has the breakfast food been "bacon" you crazy too?