CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Governor Roy Cooper said something has to be done to protect school children but he does not think arming teachers is the answer.

“I think its a bad idea,” Cooper said while in Charlotte for a tour of the Siemens plant.

Cooper said in the coming days, he will unveil his own proposals for what to do about guns and he said it will not include arming teachers.

The Governor did talk about strengthening background checks and keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and those with mental health issues.

“We’ve got to reduce the availability of these guns and assault weapons," he said.

However, Cooper would not directly answer if he favored an all-out ban on assault weapons.

The leaders of the Republican-controlled legislature have promised their own proposals to deal with guns, Cooper said he would oppose putting guns in the hands of teachers.

“We should keep our schools free of guns. I do not think that is a good proposal at all,” said Cooper.