CONCORD, N.C. – NBC Charlotte is learning new details about a deadly shooting that happened inside a pet spa in Concord last month.

The woman who pulled the trigger in that deadly shooting will not face any charges. The district attorney ruled it self-defense, after reviewing several pieces of evidence including a 911 call.

NBC Charlotte obtained a copy of the audio on the 911 call.

The sounds on the 911 call go back and forth between crying children and frantic adults. The deadly encounter ended at Sarah’s Pet Spa on November 30 with one man dead.

“Does someone need ambulance?,” asked the dispatcher.

“I shot him in the face he’s probably dead,” said the woman.

Just minutes earlier, authorities say the owner, Sarah Shoe, told 911 she had already been forced to pull a gun on the man attacking her boyfriend once. Prosecutors say that man, DeShawn Tatem, returned about a minute and a half later.

“You said he’s back ?” the dispatcher asks.

“Yeah, he’s out their screaming. If he comes in I’m shooting him,” the woman says on the 911 call.

According to the 911 call, the dispute between people at neighboring storefronts appeared to be over a water bill. All of it happened, while Shoe’s grandchildren were inside the store at the time.

Authorities say after assaulting Shoe’s boyfriend, Tatem moved toward her and her grandchildren. That’s when she fired one shot killing him. After the shooting, the dispatcher confirmed who she shot.

“Is it the same guy that came in the first time?” the dispatcher asks.

“Yes, it’s the same guy that came in and attacked my boyfriend,” says the woman on the 911 tape.

The district attorney has now ruled it self-defense, after reviewing several pieces of evidence including witness statements, physical evidence, and the 911 call.

Neighbors NBC Charlotte talked to say they’re sad for everyone involved.

“It’s just a horrible incident and I feel bad for both parties,” says neighbor, Kierra.

NBC Charlotte made multiple attempts to contact the owner of the pet spa, but we have been unable to reach her.