Almost a week ago Greensboro decided to ban the use of Bird Scooters. The City Manager's Office asked Bird to remove all scooters from the city, immediately.

Greensboro police are tasked with collecting any remaining scooters and taking them to a storage facility along South Swing Road in Greensboro.

But now other cities are starting to see the dangers of scooters along city streets.

Our sister station in Dallas took a look and found that emergency room visits are actually on the rise related to scooter accidents. From scrapes to fractures of the face dental fractures, and even big head lacerations, doctors have seen it all.

About 40 health professionals were surveyed and said they see almost 1 to 3 scooter accident victims a month. For just one hospital, that comes to between 160 and 480 injury cases since the ridesharing scooters have hit the streets.

Lime Scooters announced that they would invest $3 million to educate riders about safety inside their app.