It’s the fight for more pay. An organization called, “Expose Walmart,” is taking their complaints about Walmart’s pay scale nationwide.

Monday afternoon the group stopped in Charlotte to voice their concerns about what they claim is unfair pay

“We are going to be the voice of these workers who are too afraid to show their face when they talk about their wages,” said Amy Ritter.

Ritter is a spokesperson for 'Expose Charlotte.' Ritter says the group hopes to bring attention to what they say is a nationwide issue for Walmart employees.

“These workers are making so little that they’re relying on government assistance.”

NBC Charlotte’s Billie Jean Shaw reached out to Walmart Headquarters for comment. A spokesperson says nationwide, full time hourly associates make $13.75. Those who work in the Tar Heel state make an average of $13.73.

“We’ve spoken to over 200 folks. None of them make anywhere near that,” said Ritter. “We’re asking Walmart to prove their numbers to show their 13.75 backed up by data.”

However, not everyone agrees with the groups’ claim.

“How can you say Walmart is not paying enough money if you don’t know what it takes to be an associate of Walmart,” said Desmond Penland.

Penland has been a full time employee for Walmart since 2015. He says instead of exposing Walmart the group should expose what employees are doing with their money.

“If you are a full time employee making $13.75 and you’re on government assistance, we should check you. Walmart is a great company and you can grow being with Walmart.”