Hackers disrupted Web services of municipal agencies in Anson, and Lincoln counties Friday as well as the City of Concord.

Overnight separate attacks began impacting the web pages and servers of at least three agencies. As of 5 p.m. Friday, some agencies had restored their services while others were still offline.

The hackers targeted the City of Concord, Anson County, and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. The hackers did not get their hands on public information, officials told NBC Charlotte.

In Concord and Anson County, officials discovered the problem when offensive images were spotted on the web pages.

In Lincoln County, a ransomware attack took the sheriff's office's computers and website offline. The FBI is assisting in the investigation.

In late 2017, a ransomware attack shut down 48 of Mecklenburg County's servers. Attackers demanded $23,000. Mecklenburg County refused to pay and eventually got back control of their systems back.

The Mecklenburg County attack started when a county employee inadvertently opened a corrupt email.

In January, the Chester County School District was hacked and attackers demanded bitcoin.

In March, Catawba County had an issue with their computer system after hackers accessed government payroll.