Santee, SC (WLTX) - The two lifelong South Carolina friends who left the town of Santee to help those hurting in Texas from Hurricane Harvey have come to the Palmetto State.

We brought you the story a few weeks ago when Kyle Sargent and James Duck packed up their truck filled with a boat, first-aid supplies, gas cans, animals supplies and many other items donated from the Santee community to head out the Lone Star state to help other families in need.

"Hell or high water, we made it. I think there was as much hell as there was high water," said Sargent.

Both of the guys assisted in the water relief effort to bring people to dry land when they were stuck in their homes. Along the way, they saw a lot of crazy images that will be stuck in their minds forever.

"Cars were completely submerged. You could just see the ripple on top of the water where the car was and not actually see the car," explained Duck.

"Some parking lots were like a water rapid because it was parking lots of cars and the flow through there was just rolling. It was insane," said Sargent.

The two drugged their boat through the water in search to find those looking for help. Both men joined the Cajun Navy and their group "Rescue 28" to help those stuck in their homes.

"The Cajun Navy were in and out like crazy. They were snatching people left and right. We were helping them too and I think we got over two hundred in one day," said Duck.

From time to time, they would find people who would refuse to leave the flooded areas and all they could do is give them drinks before they could head out to find the next group of people.

"It was heartbreaking but you learn to appreciate a lot of things at the same time," said Sargent.

While some are calling them heroes, both men say they were doing what they thought was right.

"I wouldn't call myself a hero. I'm just somebody with a heart and had the time and support to go do what everybody else wanted to do but couldn't get off of work. We we're just doing what a lot of people wanted to do and a lot of people helped make it happen," said Sargent.

Both Duck and Sargent want to thank all of those who donated supplies and money to help them help others in Texas. They say without their support, none of this could have happened.