CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A young paramedic who claims he witnessed a crash in west Charlotte risked his life trying to save another.

Zachary Campbell said told NBC Charlotte was pulling off of I-85 when he saw a car smash into the side of a van on Little Rock Road.

"It went through the entire right side of the van," he said.

Campbell didn't just sit back and watch.

"Got out of the car and everything just kicked right in," he said. "I ran up to the car and pulled the passenger out."

He didn't stop there.

"Got him on the ground. He was alert and oriented. Bleeding to the head, but I think he was more concerned about the driver," Campbell said.

Campbell said the driver was completely pinned in from where the car had gone through the back. He said he needed help pulling the driver out of the car.

"[The driver] was laying sideways," he said. "I couldn't get her seatbelt off, I yelled at someone with a knife."

The paramedic told NBC Charlotte the car that went through the van was showing smoke.

"I wasn't sure if it was going to catch on fire," Campbell said. "So I did what I had to. We dragged her probably thirty feet."

Medic said one person was dead in the crash. Officials, however, did not confirm if the woman who Campbell tried to rescue was the person deceased from the crash.

Medic said three other people were transported to CMC. Two of them are being treated for life-threatening injuries and the third patient is being treated for serious injuries.

Little Rock Road and Scott Futrell Drive were closed for hours following the crash. The I-85 south ramp to Josh Birmingham Parkway was also shut down at one point from the crash.