CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Words from one of NASCAR's brightest stars shed light on a major drug problem.

Denny Hamlin said about 70 percent of NASCAR drivers take Adderall but research reveals the problem is much bigger than NASCAR.

"I was playing with fire and I knew it wasn't going to end well," said Payton Troute, a former Adderall addict.

For Payton Troute, what started as an experiment soon became an addiction; a way to mask depression and to fit in with new friends.

"I started with smoking pot and then I went to Adderall and then I went to coke and then it just kind of spiraled downhill," Troute said.

Payton eventually hit rock bottom and ended up in the hospital after she overdosed.

Thankfully Payton survived, but still from teens to adults like Vanessa Wright, officials say everyday people are abusing Adderall and in part, leading to major heart issues.

One doctor said more younger people than ever are coming through his doors with heart disease.

"They don't think they would have it," said Juzar Lokandwala, a cardiologist.

At just 32 years old, Vanessa suffered a heart attack. Dr. Juzar Lokandwala says collective heart problems could stem from high stress, going overboard on alcohol and excessive stimulants like energy drinks, coffee, weight loss pills and Adderall.

Something familiar to Vanessa.

"Oh yeah that was exactly the life i was living," said Vanessa Wright.