CHARLOTTE, N.C. — School hasn't started at Ardrey Kell, but parents say the drama is already unfolding. 

A concerned viewer sent NBC Charlotte the link to an Instagram account titled ArdreyKelldrama. On the page, there are unsolicited pictures of kids with dozens of hurtful comments. 

From body shaming to the threat of violence, the comments are aimed at bringing students down. Even some of the pages' followers think whoever is posting them is going too far.

One person wrote, in part, "Delete this right should be ashamed of yourself."

In a statement, CMS said, "We would encourage children to report concerns to their parents or guardians. An adult can determine if the posts warrant notification to law enforcement authorities."

A recent cyberbullying study reveals that 42% of kids who report being bullied were bullied on Instagram, and 60% witnessed online bullying, but most don't intervene.

Wednesday Stephen Balkim, the founder of the Family Online Safety Institute, discussed the digital dangers families face daily.

"There are 5,000 new apps created worldwide every day," Balkim said.

He laid out specific steps to navigate this challenging time, but ultimately...

"The most important this is to talk to your kids early and often," Balkim said.