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Who's hiring? A lot of companies actually are

Unemployment remains high but there are a lot of industries looking to hire. You just have to know where to look.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Unemployment is starting to come down and more jobs were added to the economy, but it’s still a jungle out there for a lot of people.  So where do you begin if you need work?

Susan Johnson and Brady Teague are with TalentBridge.  TalentBridge connects people with opportunity in a Covid -19 world. And right now, there is no shortage of opportunity, you just must know where and how to look.

"The transportation and distribution market has just exploded right now," said Teague. "People are shopping online now and they are receiving many of their goods and services at home.  It’s a good place to look for work.”

We all have been forced to re-invent ourselves during stay at home orders. Many, unknowingly, have created a new skill set. And so, taking a new job in another city, or country, doesn’t mean relocation anymore.  

Even the interview process has changed drastically. Teague says where work at home conversations were few and far between five months ago, it’s now the starting point for the conversation.

Other industries that are popping now include real estate and banking. Mortgage Loan Officers are swamped with business. Real estate is hand in hand with that and is also doing well.

"Even online services like door dash are doing very well right now.  It’s all about getting goods and services from point “A” to point “B," said Johnson.

What does the future hold for employment opportunities? There are currently over 26,000 jobs posted in Charlotte on Indeed.com and 1133 new jobs were posted this weekend. Companies are hiring – unemployment is dropping month over month.

Essential businesses include healthcare and the entire medical field.  Therapy and Mental Health Professionals are often not talked about. IT is also a hot spot for jobs as companies move everything on-line. Web designers and ecommerce roles are especially in demand. 

Other opportunities to consider are jobs that support working parents, tutoring, and childcare.  Companies like Outschool are hiring thousands of teachers.

Some industries do continue to see declines in jobs.  Those include retail, entertainment and restaurants.

There's a webinar coming up to help connect people with work. The Career Transition Breakfast Blitz is happening August 14 at 11 a.m.  You just have to register to participate. 

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