Motions are underway in the trial against former UNC Charlotte quarterback Kevin Olsen who is accused of raping a woman at an off-campus apartment last year.

Olsen, who is the younger brother of Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, entered the Mecklenburg County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon flanked by his family and his attorney.

In the hearing Tuesday, Judge Karen Eady-Williams ruled the accuser's face will not be shown on television, and her voice will have to be distorted.

Prosecutors also argued they should be allowed to refer to the accuser as a "victim" rather than an "alleged victim". The judge agreed that for the purpose of the trial prosecutors can refer to her as a "victim."

Olsen is facing charges of second-degree forcible rape, and second-degree forced sex.

The case stems from accusations in February of 2017. According to court records, a woman claimed that while she was out drinking with Olsen, they got into an argument and separated. She claims he sent her text messages threatening to kill her. Later that night, the pair reconciled and went back to an apartment off campus.

The accuser claims Olsen got verbally abusive and tried to commit suicide.

She said she refused to leave while he was in a vulnerable state. Moments later, she claims he began punching her and hitting her. She says Olsen then wanted to have sex. When she refused she claims he forced himself on her. She told authorities she snuck out of the apartment while he was sleeping and went to the hospital.

Olsen previously rejected a plea deal in the case.

Outside of the courthouse Tuesday, Olsen and his attorney did not answer requests for comments about the case.

His attorney has previously maintained his innocence.

The state spent Wednesday reading instructions and questioning more than a dozen potential jurors. The judge said the is expected to last about two to three weeks.

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