CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A critical hearing in the Keith Scott shooting case is set to take center stage Tuesday.

The Citizens Review Board, which has already found an error in the police investigation, will hear from key witnesses, including the officer who shot and killed Scott last September.

There is no criminal case or civil case pending right now but that could all change from the hearing.

The Citizens Review Board, or CRB, is made up of 11 members. Out of the eleven, there is one black female, three white females, four black males, two white males and one vacant position. They are everyday people, selected by either the mayor, city council or the city manager.

"Ultimately, the board's authority is to make a recommendation to the Chief of Police," said CRB Attorney Julian Wright.

Most folks may not understand exactly what the board does, but NBC Charlotte found out it can lay the ground work for a civil suit if it brings the errors to light.

To do that, they need to hear testimony.

Can the board force anyone to come? The short answer is no.

But Officer Brentley Vinson is expected to be at the hearing that could last as long as two days and for the first time in front of the Scott family and attorneys, he will explain why he pulled the trigger.

Back in April, the review board determined there was "substantial evidence of error" and that finding prompted Tuesday's fact-finding hearing.

Even though the CRB can't charge anyone with a crime, these hearings can open the door to civil lawsuits.

NBC Charlotte's Mark Boyle sat down with Scott's family attorney Charles Monnett.

"Does the Scott family ever plan to file a civil suit in this case?" Boyle asked.

"Well, we will wait and see," Monnett said. "We'll see how the evidence develops and it's certainly an option. We would hope that at some point, the city would step up and help resolve this claim in a fair way."

Tuesday's hearing is not open to the public, cameras are not allowed in but what is said in here is certainly expected to bring the shooting back into the spotlight.

Monnett also released the following statement:

On the eve of the second hearing before the Citizens Review Board, we look forward to presenting evidence on behalf of Keith Scott. Keith's family is grateful that such an opportunity even exists for residents. We will continue to work tirelessly in our representation of this family.

And ultimately, 11 citizens will weigh in on what happened last September.

Could they recommend that an officer involved in the shooting be fired?

Theoretically, it's possible.