CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The head of Internal Affairs for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police is defending the findings on an investigation that concluded a CMPD officer was justified when he shot and killed Keith Scott last fall.

Officer Brentley Vincent is the officer who fired the shot killing Scott and touching off days of sometimes violent protests in Charlotte.
Tuesday night, the Charlotte Citizens Review Board met behind closed doors for hours before issuing a statement saying the board had found "substantial evidence of error," with the police investigation.

During a briefing with reporters this morning Major Stella Patterson said the department respected the CRB's finding but continued to defend the department's investigation.

"I have full confidence, complete confidence in this investigation and what was determined with that," she said.

The CRB has now scheduled a full evidentiary hearing for August 8.

Said Major Patterson, "They have to do their evidentiary hearing and after they make their conclusion, then we will know for sure how the board feels concerning the Scott shooting."

The board has held hearings in the past like the one scheduled for August but has never once found a problem with the actions of the police.

If they do conclude this time that the department was wrong in clearing Vincent, Julian Wright, the board attorney said the matter would proceed to the next level.

"What the Citizen Review Board is empowered to do is write a recommendation to the Chief to say essentially, we believe your determination that the shooting was justified is not correct and we recommend that you change it."