CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say they will release the full dash cam and body cam videos in the Keith Scott shooting in coming days.

Scott's family requested to see the videos in their entirety, and CMPD says they intend to accommodate that request next week.

The family subsequently requested the videos be released to the public; CMPD says they will release the videos after the family views them next week.

Scott was fatally shot by a CMPD officer on Tuesday, September 20.

Police say that two plain clothes officers were sitting inside an unmarked police car preparing to serve an arrest warrant in the parking lot of The Village at College Downs when a white SUV pulled in and parked beside them.

In a release distributed by CMPD with the evidence, officers witnessed Scott rolling what they believed to be a marijuana "blunt." Police say that the officers did not consider Scott's drug activity to be a priority at the time and resumed warrant operations. A short time later, Officer Vinson saw Scott hold up a gun, which CMPD says gave him probable cause to arrest him for the drug violation and further investigate his possession of the gun.

CMPD says due to the combination of drugs and the gun Scott had in his possession, officers decided to take enforcement action for public safety concerns. Officers then departed the immediate area to outfit themselves with marked vets and equipment that would identify them as police.

Police say that when officers returned, they again saw Scott in possession of a gun and loudly identified themselves as police and gave "clear, loud and repeated" verbal commands to drop the gun. Investigators say that Scott refused to follow the officers' repeated verbal commands.

CMPD said Scott put officers in imminent danger, and an officer fired, striking Scott.

Scott's shooting sparked protests across Charlotte, resulting in damaged property, a murder, assaults and dozens of arrests.