CHARLOTTE N.C. – Mayor Jennifer Roberts says she is “glad” the Citizens Review Board will hold a hearing on the shooting death of Keith Scott.

The Mayor spoke for the first time about the Board’s decision during a taping of NBC Charlotte’s Flashpoint program.

On Tuesday, the Review Board announced it would hold a hearing to see if CMPD officer Brentley Vinson followed department guidelines when Vinson shot and killed Scott last September.

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“I’m glad they are taking it seriously. I’m glad they are asking for that evidentiary hearing and we look forward to continuing to build the transparency we seek to achieve," Roberts said.

In the past, the Review Board has always sided with the police, but the Mayor said changes have been made.

“We have actually worked with the community to make some adjustments to that Board and working on its diversity and looking at connections to the community,: Roberts said.

The Scott shooting touched off days of often violent demonstrations in the city.

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Then-Governor Pat McCrory ordered the National Guard in and seemed at the time, to criticize Roberts for not asking for help sooner.

“I worked closely with our police chief and our manager and our Governor. We were all on the same page. I know some people exploited that for political purposes," Roberts explained.

The Flashpoint program airs this Sunday at 11:00 a.m.