CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Spring can't come soon enough for many of us, and now Carowinds is giving the Carolinas one more reason to get excited.

Calling it the 'Pre-K Pass' children ages three to five are eligible for a free season pass specifically for children. The Pre-K Pass includes 'The Great Pumpkin Fest' and 'Winterfest' in addition to access to the park all summer long.

Parents interested must register online.

Also new this year: Camp Snoopy! The newly renovated kids' area will feature new rides, an 8,000 square foot play area, and upgraded amenities.

The new rides include: Camp Bus, a ride that lifts guest up and around, PEANUTS TRAILBLAZER puts kids behind the wheel of a jeep! The Kite Eating Tree lifts kids up and then has a big drop. Pig Pen's Mud Buggies makes for a bumpy ride, and Woodstock Whirlybirds-- a classic teacup ride.

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"This year we turn our attention to the kids." said Lisa Stryker, Carowinds Director of Communications. "We're going to have a PEANUTS Celebration to introduce the grand opening of CAMP Snoopy."

The Carousel has been relocated, closer to the Vortex ride. 14 of the horses will be refreshed and repainted. Carowinds says the paint will last up to 7 years. Filling the space where the Carousel used to sit will be a fountain with seating and shady pergolas for families to gather around.

"To be honest with you, when you come out here and the kids are having fun-- It elevates the whole energy in the whole park." said Steve Jackson, Construction Manager for Carowinds. "Everybody has a good time, including the people who work here. It's just infectious."

The park opens on March 24. The Waterpark, Carolina Harbor opens in May.