CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NBC Charlotte has teamed up with Goodwill to make an impact in our community through donations that lead to better lives and Jake Suddreth knows the mission of Goodwill better than most.

"Goodwill is not just a store that you bring donations to, that you donate money to. Goodwill is a place where you can come in and get training," he told NBC Charlotte anchor Ben Thompson.

Several years ago he found himself without job and without a direction.

"I felt down, deflated, didn't have a care in the world, but being here at Goodwill brought my confidence level up," said Suddreth.

He went to Goodwill and enrolled in their hospitality and tourism class for six months. Turns out, he got a lot more than just a job training.

"It actually trained me to be a better person, not only with the hospitality part, but with myself as well," he said.

At first he went into the hotel business, but pretty soon opportunity came knocking at the dirt track. Now he co-owns a racing team in Maiden.

They race every Saturday from March to the first of October. As co-owner and crew chief... he's now the boss to 150 employees.

Suddreth said he couldn't have done it with out the support of Goodwill.