CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There is a new rape charge against a man already accused of sexually assaulting two women.

Larry Bailey Junior was arrested after police say he targeted two women last week in Dilworth and Meyers Park.
Now, court documents show he raped another woman in May.

The 33-year-old woman was raped outside on Ellen Avenue, according to the police report. It comes after Bailey Junior was already charged with sexually assaulting two women in Dilworth and Meyers Park.

NBC Charlotte spoke with a neighbor who called 911 after seeing a suspect target a 17-year-old female jogger in Meyers Park.

“He started grinding on her, just gyrating on her, very sexual,” he said.

Police say Bailey Junior inappropriately touched her and tried to kidnap her too.

“You saw him pulling on her, more of a struggle,” said the neighbor.
Police arrested him after they matched his vehicle to the description given by one of the victims. When asked if there could be more victims, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police only say if there’s evidence of other crimes the suspect will be charged.

People in the area feel a sense of relief that an arrest was made.

“When I think about stuff like that that happens, I tend to be a lot more cautious, I don’t hold up my phone as much,” says one woman.

Bailey’s next court appearance is scheduled for next Wednesday.