PINEVILLE, N.C. (WCNC) – A home invasion in Pineville turned deadly, after a man said he opened fire on a home intruder.

Court documents revealed what happened at the Willow Ridge Apartments earlier this month. Police said the resident shot the suspect during a physical confrontation outside his apartment.

Right now, Pineville police say it’s a possible case of self-defense, but that’s what they’re investigating right now. Neighbors told NBC Charlotte they would defend themselves too.

The shots rang out on October 9 at around 11 a.m. It’s an apartment community where residents said they feel safe.

“In this area, it wouldn’t really come to mind,” neighbor, Nalley Sanchez told NBC Charlotte.

But now, Sanchez is thinking hard about what she would do if ever in her neighbor’s position.

“If it’s an intruder, I know I would do something, especially if I have two kids, I would do something,” said Sanchez.

Court documents showed her neighbor took decisive action. He told police he was asleep when he heard someone trying to break into the apartment.

Records show he then confronted the alleged intruder near the outdoor patio, holding him at gunpoint on the ground, before forcing the suspect around the apartment to get someone to call police.

When officers arrived, 29-year-old Donald Blakney had already been shot.

“We saw the police tape on the other side of the street,” said neighbor, Greg Huff.

Records show Blakney had just been arrested last month on charges of assault on a female and assault by strangulation. In the latest case, investigators said the shooter opened fire during a physical confrontation with Blakney.

“If someone breaks into my home I think I should be able to defend myself,” said Huff.

“I do own a gun myself, I have a permit for it and everything,” said Sanchez. “I would use it if I needed to.”

Documents showed after Blakeney was shot, he took off and eventually crashed a vehicle into nearby cars. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The shooter told investigators he feared Blakney had a weapon when he reached for his waistband. However, police say they did not recover any such weapon at the scene.

“I thought this was a very good area, I’m starting to wonder a little bit now,” said Huff.

The shooter’s name has not been released because he has not been charged with a crime at this point. The district attorney’s office is reviewing the case to determine if charges are warranted.

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