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Man personally buys billboard so old tower will come down

The legal battle over the 200-foot tall PTL Tower in Fort Mill has home owners growing weary.
Man buys billboard so tower will come down

FORT MILL, S.C. -- An opportunity for some has become an eyesore for others. The legal battle over the 200-foot tall PTL Tower in Fort Mill has home owners growing weary. A recent appeal by MorningStar Ministries in a lawsuit from York County will likely prolong a court decision.

Eric Kinsinger wants to see this issue through to the end, so much so that he spent about a thousand dollars of his own money to put up a billboard hoping for a resolution.

The message is clear.

"MorningStar it's been too long, tear the tower down," said Kinsinger.

Kinsinger wants what was once Jim Bakker's vision in Fort Mill torn down. In March 2012,York County said MorningStar had enough time to repair the tower and claimed the church violated a five-year development agreement, which included fixing the tower or tearing it down with its own money. At that time MorningStar said it would spend millions to turn the tower into upscale senior condos, but alleged false information from the county harmed the church's finances.

Kinsinger's billboard campaign will run this week. He worries drag out attempts in court will allow the property to deteriorate further.

"There's been many more bricks falling off, a lot more animals living inside," said Kinsinger.

Kinsinger plans to continue to voice concern about the tower at county council meetings.

Monday evening MorningStar founder, Rick Joyner, responded with a statement.

"Though I am not personally familiar with the billboard or its content, we very much sympathize with everyone who is weary of the roadblocks and delays we have been met with in trying to complete this tower. Even so, we are resolved not to be deterred until the job gets done, and are doing everything we know to do to move the legal process forward," said Joyner.

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