CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The City of Charlotte says they do not have enough money to do all the things they want to do, which is why city leaders are considering cutting garbage pickup service to apartment and townhome renters and owners. No changes have been made just yet, but there were a lot of questions raised during a forum Friday in uptown.

The proposal would save the city roughly $3 million a year.

Landlords and apartment representatives attended a forum for a chance to hear from city leaders and offer their feedback.

All of the responses came back negative.

"If it's no broken, don't fix it," another attendee said.

They say there is no way private trash removal is going to cost them less.

"It would definitely cost more," one attendee said.

The move would leave residents who live in apartments and townhomes potentially facing big increases.

"It will increase the cost not only for me, but for everyone else," condo owner MaryAnn McQuade said. "And to have one specific group pinpointed to be denied services that everyone else gets and still pay the taxes for that service, I find just horrific and shocking."

City leaders said residents raised some valid points and the staff will go back and consider what was said during the forum.

"Of course we're concerned about that, but we're also looking at efficiencies that we can gain through our budget process," said Greg Phips, budget chairman Charlotte City Council.

The city present to Charlotte City Council next month.