MATTHEWS, N.C. — The June 10 make up day for Butler High School students stands.

There’s been a great amount of outrage since the announcement of the makeup day was made last week.

Last fall, a student was shot and killed at the school and the students were given the following day off of school to help cope with the tragedy.

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“We were there that day and we lost somebody who walked the halls with us," Butler High School Senior Katie Carr said. "Now we walk those halls knowing that a life was lost there."

Her classmate, 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen, was shot and killed by another student the morning of October 29. Students and faculty were given the following day off to grieve and process.

Just like with any snow or severe weather day, students were told they will need to make up the time this summer. They say that is the problem -- the two situations shouldn’t be treated equally.

“It’s kind of like a slap in the face that we like have to go back for that day," Butler High School Sophomore Maggie Silvea explained. "I feel like we shouldn’t and that it’s kind of like painful."

A petition to wave the day has received more than 3,000 signatures.

Students want the makeup rules changed when it comes to traumatic and especially stressful events.

CMS spokesperson Tracy Russ said until then, state law requires a certain amount of instructional time.

“It’s a very difficult situation and certainly there aren’t great options," Russ said. "Our goal is to make sure with certainty, guaranteed, that students at Butler can graduate on time this year. And that those that are looking forward to moving onto higher grades next year can do that."

NBC Charlotte also asked for an update on School Resource Officers in elementary schools. Currently, it is not required. Just last week, a gun was found on the campus of Cotswold Elementary.

“The provision for SRO’s in elementary schools was included in the superintendent’s recommended budget," Russ said. "The board of education opted to divert those funds to social and emotional mental health support for students."

CMS said the final budget has not yet been approved. The SRO conversation is ongoing.