Don't let his age, cane, or hearing aid fool you.

"It's something inside of you. You gotta go you gotta go, said Glenn Brubaker.

He's 101 years old. He's been volunteering at the Urbana Volunteer Fire Department in Frederick County for more than 40 years.

"You don't get tired. Tired! I have never used that word in my life," said Glenn.

At 101, he has an energetic spirit and infectious smile. Most days, you can find him helping out in the kitchen.

"We appreciate him. He always brings a good mood to everybody he meets. He lights up a room," said Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

"I've never heard him never say bad word about anyone in his life," said fellow volunteer Tommy Hipkins.

"I feel great about turning 101," said Glenn. "It seems like people are friendlier. A lot of people want to shake my hand."

"Glenn makes new friends all the time and socializes. He's just what you hope to be when you are 100, said Hipkins.

Glenn said his secret to longevity is kindness and generosity. He has six grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.