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'The beach erosion is huge:' NC couple's Outer Banks trip shows firsthand look at flooding

Jenny Ball and her husband left for Buxton on Saturday. The weather started getting bad and progressively got worse.

KITTY HAWK, N.C. — Some areas in the Outer Banks are closed off due to sand and water covering the roads.

This is from beach erosion. 

We saw videos earlier Tuesday showing homes crashing into the ocean because of it. 

Mocksville native, Jenny Ball is in Buxton right now, near Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and said they have to move their cars away from their hotel as waves were washing up underneath the building. 

“The manager of the motel told us on Monday that they had shipped in 20 dump truckloads of sand. And I took some videos on Sunday. And you could see where the wall of sand was, where they had built up the beach in front of the house. That's completely gone. We're down to the sandbags that were buried. The parking lot is covered in sand, we could actually go look for shells in the parking lot," Ball explained. 

The ferries aren’t in use, most of the roads around Ball's area are covered from overwash and most attractions are shut down.

Ball said they were in the same area during Tropical Storm Arthur and still believe this is the worst weather event they've ever seen. 

“The beach erosion is, is huge. I mean, the wind has been really really gusting and blowing the whole time we've been here."

Credit: Jenny Ball
Jenny Ball shares a photo of flooding outside her hotel in Buxton on the North Carolina Outer Banks.

Ball said they have even seen objects floating past their hotel. 

"We've seen road signs. We've seen stuff that people maybe had out on their porches or their stairs. We've seen you know flip flops and hats and all kinds of stuff,” Ball said. 

Ball said she was told the roads should be cleared by the time she has to leave this coming Saturday.

Trying to make the most out of the situation they are in, Ball and her husband tried fishing off their porch but kept getting their hooks caught on sandbags. 

Credit: Jenny Ball
Jenny Ball shares a photo of sandbags right outside her hotel in Buxton on the Outer Banks. Beach erosion is causing flooding.

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