CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A community is on edge tonight after a local mom shoots and kills an intruder during a home invasion. Police say the man grabbed a knife from the kitchen.

The mother involved in the incident told NBC Charlotte she had to protect her family.

"A couple hits in with the ball bat," said Kim Badger, the homeowner. "It didn't stop him."

Kim Badger was forced to fight for her life. In broad daylight, the man tried breaking into her house. She met him at the door with a baseball bat, but it wasn't enough.

"He grabbed the knife it was on the counter and we wrestled over that," said Badger.

Before long, her son, who is just a teenager, stepped in to fight the man.

"I tried to say 'I have a gun please leave,' but he kept coming at me," said Badger. "My son and him were wrestling over a sword and he came at me with a sword so I had to shoot him."

CMPD identified the man shot as 32-year-old Phuc Hong Doan.