UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- A mother was hit and killed Thursday morning moments after watching her child get onto the school bus.

Hanna (Glenda) Gosney was a mother of five and had just watched her child get onto the school bus on State Line Road Thursday morning.

According to North Carolina Highway Patrol, the school bus deactivated the stop arm and began pulling back into traffic when it suddenly stopped.

"There was a child on the bus that wouldn't sit down," Trooper Michale Whitley said.

The child was Gosney's 6-year-old son, Whitley says. When the bus did not begin driving, Gosney got out of her car and approached the driver asking what was wrong before stepping into the middle of the road.

"The bus driver looked up and saw the car flying, told her to get out of the road, but she didn't have time," a family member said.

As she stepped out into the road she was hit and killed by a passing car.

"She loved everybody, she was a very kind, giving person," Gosney's twin sister, Lynda Harmon, said while fighting back tears.

Gosney's family says she held them together and are mourning now that they only have her memory.

"Our pastor is coming to see us later, we're going to be together, it's hard to comprehend right now," a family member said. "I still don't want to believe it."

According to school officials, there were 11 children on board the bus when Gosney was hit and killed.

Union County Public School Superintendent Andrew G. Houlihan tweeted saying this was an "awful tragedy this a.m." and sent his thoughts and prayers to those impacted. "Counselors and support will be at Union Elementary to provide assistance".

The North Carolina Highway Patrol says that speed was not a factor and the driver will not be facing any charges.