CHARLOTTE, N.C. - There is only one way for Larissa McCorkle to describe a mother's love.

"Unconditional. No matter what they do, you still got their back," says the mother of six and grandmother of 10. "Being a mom will take you to a whole [other] place."

Whatever place that is, only mothers know. But today, she's sitting patiently on her porch.

"I'm just waiting for both of them to walk [through] the door," Larissa says of her two daughters, Ciera and Ambra.

Larissa has three boys and three girls. Ambra Hunt was one of the sweetest.

"A big teddy bear all wrapped up into one," she says.

On Saturday, August 19, Ambra's car broken down on I-77,. Her vehicle was hit on the highway and she was killed.

"I didn't believe it. I couldn't believe it."

They buried her this past Friday, on August 25. One day later, Larissa experienced another tragedy.

"I lost my baby girl."

Her daughter, Ciera McCorkle, a mother to three young children, was pulling out on to West Sugar Creek Road when her car collided with a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Explorer. Ciera was taken to the hospital, where she later died.

"She was independent," Larissa remembers. "She loved life."

Larissa is waiting for CMPD to release more information. They haven't said anything to her regarding specifics on the case.

She patiently waits, living in a constant state of shock.

"I fight back the tears quite a lot, I do. I cried last night," she says with clear eyes. "I haven't cried yet today so hopefully, I won't."

She's clearly strong and courageous, remembering her daughters who were inseparable, living together and loving many.

The more she talks, the harder is it get the words out and tears fall.

She knows her tears will dry and her family will keep her busy but there is only one medicine capable of healing her broken heart.

"Time. I hope time," she says. "You got to move on."

She acknowledges that somewhere up above "there is a God" and a greater plan is played out.

"Ciera couldn't live without Ambra. That's what I think."

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