GREENSBORO, NC -- The Hamras’ were a family of three when they came to Greensboro to escape Hurricane Irma but when they go back home to Florida, they'll be a family of four.

Skylar Grace Hamra was born at Cone Women's Hospital at 2:43 A.M. on Sunday morning.

She weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and has a full head of hair!

Jessica and Nicholas Hamra are just thankful they made it to the hospital in time.

The family had only decided to evacuate at the last minute from their home in Hollywood, Florida -- racing to safety against Hurricane Irma.

“I mean it was the drive up where I first started feeling contractions,” said Jessica. “For 22 hours in the car we were keeping our fingers crossed that we were going to make it here.”

They made it to Greensboro just in time to drop off their 2-year-old daughter, Sophia, at a friend’s house and get to the hospital.

“After about an hour here, they said 'Yep you are going into labor,’” Jessica laughed. “‘So the bags are coming in.'”

It wasn't the birth they originally planned for but the Hamras’ say it's been a good experience in Greensboro.

“It went from anxiety and scared to a different kind of anxiety but then it was just joy and happiness,” said Nicholas. “Now at this point, it's just relief.”

The family says the staff at the hospital has been extremely welcoming.

“It’s a stressful situation when things don't go the way you planned,” said Jessica. “But the fact that everybody has been so sweet and so nice and so helpful with everything here has made it so much easier.”

They don't know what to expect when they get back home to Florida but right now the Hamras’ say they’re blessed that they’re all safe and healthy.

“We have watched the news. We've seen what happens but the stuff can be replaced,” said Nicholas. “We're taking one moment at a time. In the precious moments like this, that's why I smile, because you can't replace this and that's all that matters right now.”

“Once you get to see this little face, that's all you can think about,” said Jessica. “My heart is just filled with love after that. All the fears and all the scared and all the pain all of that just goes away.”

The Hamras’ plan to leave the hospital on Tuesday.

They'll be staying with friends and family in Summerfield before they go back home to Florida.

Skylar Grace was one of two Irma babies born in Greensboro this weekend.

Another family who evacuated from St. Petersburg, FL also gave birth to a baby girl at Cone Hospital.