CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- You might recognize "Boss" from the AMC Series "The Walking Dead" or the Cinemax show, "Outcast."

The 4-year-old German Shepherd dog loves the limelight.

"Boss lives to work," says his owner/trainer, Debbie Lange. "He would rather work than eat."

He might have been born to be on camera but he was bred to work in a different field, one he enjoys more than acting.

"He specializes in water rescue," said Lange.

Boss is a cadaver dog, trained to sniff bodies submerged in water. He and Lange are bound for Southeast Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery.

They will ride around in a boat, allowing Boss to stick his nose just above the water. Someone will fly a drone above, pointing Boss in the right direction.

"Basically, he's leading us from vehicle to vehicle. [Boss] will put his nose down and let us know [if there's a body]."

It's Boss' fifth search and rescue mission but this is unlike any other he's done.

"This will be a rigorous, rigorous trip for both us," said Lange, who has been in constant contact with FEMA.

They are planning on a two-day mission, barring any travel hiccups.