BOONE, N.C. -- Counties in the foothills and mountains are already seeing flooding ahead of incoming storms left over from Hurricane Michael.

Heavy rain Wednesday flooded several low-lying roads, including Deerfield Road, Bamboo Road and the Boone Mall parking lot.

Highway Patrol said late Wednesday, a driver approaching standing water on Bamboo Road tried to turn around, but she accidentally drove into a ditch.

She walked away from the vehicle unharmed.

As a tow truck struggled to lift the woman's car, Joshua Wisnoski and Libby Brown could only watch and wait until troopers cleared the road.

"There are some drivers being overly defensive and some being too reckless, if you will," Wisnoski said.

"I think there's just a lot of standing water," Brown said. "People don't see the standing water in the dark, and they drive right through it and hydroplane."

In Caldwell County, Wilson Creek overtopped its banks and washed out parts of Brown Mountain Beach Road.

Caldwell County Emergency Management Director Dino DiBernardi said certain areas, like Collettsville, are at risk for flash flooding.

"Generally speaking, we're just making sure people are aware that there is the high potential," DiBernardi said. "We're already getting a lot more water than we anticipated this early on."

Some fire departments and rescue teams in the Foothills already pre-positioned equipment for swift water rescues, if needed.

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