MOORESVILLE, N.C - - A Mooresville restaurant is receiving both praise and criticism after it officially banned children five years of age and younger from dining there.

Caruso's, an upscale Italian restaurant, made the decision after its owner said there were too many incidents of young kids crying, screaming and misbehaving.

He said the incidents disrupted the restaurant's atmosphere.

But some parents took to Facebook to criticize the restaurant after they were refused service with their young children. Some of them wrote comments like "Never been more disappointed and appalled", "I won't be going again" and "#discrimination".

Some parents dining at the restaurant on Friday night said they support the policy because the restaurant's not suitable for young children.

Landon Jackson has three children who are five, three and one in age.

He's never been to the restaurant. He disagreed with the policy, but he understood why the owner would implement it.

"If [parents] don't like the rule, then find somewhere else that serves nice Italian food," Jackson said.