1. Nearly 100 sickened in raw chicken salmonella outbreak

Ninety-two people in the United States have been infected in an outbreak of drug-resistant salmonella after coming in contact with raw chicken products, U.S. health officials said Wednesday.

2. The line for lottery tickets is about to get even longer

One night after the largest jackpot in Mega Millions history rolled to Friday, Powerball's $378 million prize survived to the next drawing, meaning that the United States' two big lottery games will have a combined $1.3 billion up for grabs at week's end.

3. What to do before you crank up the heat this fall

With cooler temperatures on the way, you may be tempted to turn on the heat in your home.

However, firing up the furnace can cause some problems and even be a safety hazard without the right precautions.

"It's a different kind of burning smell that you would normally smell," said Bill Suthard, a member of the Huntersville Fire Department. "When you turn on your heater it's probably going to burn some of the dust off."

4. Breast cancer vaccine that could save generations now in clinical trials at Mayo Clinic

While the vaccine is still in clinical trials, doctors say they are very excited about it because it seems to be working with few negative side effects. The problem is, studies show less than 5 percent of adults with cancer enroll in trials.

5. What happened to Maddox Ritch? Still no cause of death nearly a month later

The disappearance of the six-year-old in Gaston County grabbed national attention last month.

Saturday marks one month since the boy with autism was reported missing at Rankin Lake Park. His body was found a few days later about a mile from where he was last seen.

Police still haven't confirmed whether Maddox's death was an accident or foul play. Investigators told NBC Charlotte a lot hinges on the autopsy report.